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Tips to Improve Dental Health after Dental Surgery

Once you are done with your oral surgery it is vital to cautiously go through the recovery phase. Abide by all the post-surgery guidelines given to you by your dentist. These instructions will help you in preventing the risk of any kind of trauma or infection. Following are some tips by the professionals of Dental Care Abbey Wood that will assist in improving your oral health after the surgical treatment.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Keeping your mouth free from bacteria is extremely crucial. However, right after the surgery any form of rinsing must be avoided till the day subsequent to oral operation. Brushing your teeth on surgery’s night is fine but rinsing must be done gently. One day after the surgical process you must start rinsing no less than five to six times every day, particularly after the meals. For rinsing take warm water in a cup and mix some salt (around 1 teaspoon) in it. After surgery brush your teeth on a daily basis. But gently brush around those areas where oral surgery is performed.


Initially start taking liquids after the oral surgery. For the consumption of liquids never utilize straws. It is always better to drink straight from the cup or glass. Reason behind it is that the motion of sucking a straw can dislodge the clots of blood. As a result, it may cause bleeding. It is also fine to eat soft food as long as you carefully chew away from those sites where oral surgery is carried out.

Experts of Dental Care Abbey Wood suggest that it is highly significant to take care of your diet after the surgical procedure. Regularly consume a good deal of fluids in order to prevent complications like dehydration. Intake of solid foods might be restricted for several days following the dental operation.

The only way to effectively compensate for the lack of solid food is by increasing the overall consumption of liquids. Drink minimum five to six glasses of fluids on a daily basis. Take your meals on time. By doing this you will definitely feel much better and have less discomfort and more strength. It will accelerate your healing speed too.

Avoid Physical Activities

After the completion of oral surgical process it is advised to rest for two complete days. Try your best to avoid any kind of physical activity during these days. In most of the cases, you must be good enough to resume your daily chores within the time period of forty eight hours after the surgery.


If the dentists have prescribed you any kind of antibiotics then take those liquids or tablets promptly as directed. Antibiotics are generally given to assist in the prevention of infections. In case you start experiencing any unfavorable reaction such as rashes, you must discontinue the antibiotics and immediately get in touch with Dental Care Abbey Wood for further instructions.


In order to deal with the harsh pain you can take the prescribed tablets as directed. The pain relieving medications might make you feel a bit drowsy and could affect your reflexes too. Therefore, after taking those pain relievers it is better not be around the machinery or drive any vehicle. It is natural to feel some amount of discomfort or pain after the oral surgery. However, it will gradually wear off every single day.

One thing that you should particularly steer clear of is smoking after the oral procedure. It has been observed that smoking noticeably amplifies the pain. Dental Care Abbey Wood suggests you to apply a hot pad after forty eight hours to reduce the intensity of pain and swelling.

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